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Sunday, March 28, 2010

:: ::

Guess wat this is blog is open again LOL

the neverending dream || 1:56 AM

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

:: ::

Actually i do update my blog but the thing is this is a place where i can express my feeling and shit like tat but i dun really like to share my feelings too much till i either cannot take it anymore so i wrote or i am too happy till i wan to wish with the world. So i hope tat explain things in abit. :)

the neverending dream || 12:30 AM

Friday, February 15, 2008

:: ::

V-day how nice haha.... As per tradition, i nv celebrate Vday again hahaha. I spend my time working coz since most of the things are expensive and u see tons n tons of couple holding hand and lovely lovely it is totally disgusting. Yup i am toking abt u Mr Shaun Yeo or Lai lolz..... It juz disgusted me coz u got 364days in a yr to show ur "undying love" so y muz u support the commericalized day? flowers food basically every thing increases damn. it is juz ugly and disgusting and unhealthy to ur body.

When i reach my work place or shld i say i started work tat time suddenly got this thought into my mind. Wat if she also make a reservation at my place? how shld i react? wat shld i say? My whole knee went jelly. My heart stop and my mind went blank. My body started to shiver and suddenly i have no mood to work at all. Tears starting to form abit here n there but as usual it onli form like 2sec? then my colleges started to toking to mi n joke abit here n there, i started to feel abit back to normal. But the feeling of seeing her is still there. Now i can feel my heart pumping very fast as i am typing this entry right now. Shld i feel lucky or shld i feel unlucky tat i did not saw her at all.

4yrs liao and my heart still ache for her. haiz.... another slpless night for me again i guess..................................................................................

the neverending dream || 2:28 AM

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

:: ::

I woke up trembling with fear again. I dream tat she finally decided to be truthful and all her words r like dagger stabbing deeper n deeper each time. The look in her eyes is scary the words r like dip in venom. how long more must i live in a life like this? Sleepless night n day, i am scare of night now very scare....

the neverending dream || 9:14 AM

Monday, February 04, 2008

:: ::

I noe i have been a bastard all this yrs... How i wish i am able to break down in front of ppl. How i

wish i am able to call out to ppl for help. All this yrs i have been hiding behind a tough n idiotic

front. I noe i make all of u whom noe mi disgraceful due to my rudeness, my vulgar way of life,

my bochap attitude to most of the things. But have u wonder after all this yrs, Y do i still call u

my frns?? I nv believe in frns in the 1st place. I have gone through alot of shit with most of u. Be

it during Sec life , be it Sc, Be it Yunnan, be it forum life, hell be it anything u can think of. Have i

nv shown, with all due respect, all of u loyalty, helping hand and my god damn shoulder? Have i

ever say no to any of u? Did i do things to harm any of u? U were parts of my life and i hope most

of u will be part of my bloody life twenty yrs down the road.

But can i ask u all a simple qn?? Where r u when i need u most? Wat have u ever done for mi?? :)

But i do apreciate most of u being able to take my temper and all those shit. I were like to say thanx to all of u whom is a part of mine life right now. Thank u.

the neverending dream || 9:28 PM

Monday, October 29, 2007

:: ::

It really amaze mi how time flies, Within like one month i ended my Trip to Yunnan and finish a global seminar n sch has alrdy started. It seem like a long time yet it also seems flying for mi. Keep getting complain from ppl. It hurts? maybe since the reason y i have no time was to provide for someone. I totally no time of my own. bored? not really it has been a damn long time since i actually have to leisure time of being alone n without ppl disturbing u n things like tat. But as per usual HP will totally spolite ur plans n stuff like this.

Forget abt wat i say it is juz random typing....

the neverending dream || 1:09 AM

Monday, August 20, 2007

:: ::

It has been a long time since i wrote here, sorry for the lack of updating n stuff like this as i dunnoe i am busy with wat also hahaha..... Have been working quite alot this few mths but dunnoe y money is not euf hahaha... Saw some new guys but even b4 my exam they all quit. Here i am thinking wa so nice got ppl to take over in the end they leave b4 me how can? i really dunnoe lar.

Nice to ppl, they onli treat u like a frn tat is all. It hurts n it sux big time. i dunnoe wat i writing bye....

the neverending dream || 11:02 PM

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